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From Kitchen Nightmare to Extraordinaire

Cooking is one of the greatest pleasures in life. But without preparation and proper training, it feels like a chore.

There is no doubt cooking at home allows you to save money,

and it can be extremely fun & social.

But here’s the thing…
Cooking usually takes years to learn & master.
And you just don’t have that time.

That’s why I created One Week Chef School:

Your best shortcut to learning how to prepare mouthwatering dishes quickly, easily & affordably!
Over the space of 1 week or at your own pace, I’ll be teaching the principles, methods, and skills needed to become a meal-pushing machine that cooks to delight. Every time. 

You might think that being competent in the kitchen is only about banging meals and flavor combinations. But the benefits of having cooking skills reach far and wide.

Save Money

You’ll save a ton of money by being able to prepare amazing food at home instead of going out or ordering takeout. The average savings in a family of 4 is $20,000/year

Save Time

Each course takes only 7 days to master. No more spending years watching cooking channels and shows, trying to guess how things are done.  The Meal plan course saves you an average 10 hours a week and Knife Skills another 3 hours per week by being faster.  Just check them out below!


Reach Peak Health

When you’re skilled in the kitchen, you can make anything delicious. It’s the perfect opportunity to liven up boring ingredients and get healthy in the process.

Nurture Your Creativity…

Cooking is an outstanding creative outlet and art within its own right. There’s no greater satisfaction than turning what was once a chore into a passion.

The Sky Isn’t The Limit, Your Knife Skills Are

Too many courses focus on recipes. We hold the only Masterclass that will actually teach you how to cook and starts with Knife Skills.  You will be able to cook faster and ramp up efficiency in the kitchen.

Boost Your Social Skills

There’s no faster way to charm people than with a tasty meal. Whether you’re catering for friends, a lover, or looking to impress a business prospect, exceed their expectations with cooking finesse.

Take a sneek peak inside the school:


Have fun cooking along Award winning Chef Alexia

√ Be Supported in a community

√ Save a lot of Time & Money

√ Ignite your creativity

√ Impress everyone around you

Still thinking about it?

Online and On Demand

Learn any course from the comfort of your home at your own time and pace - Starting Now!

Available on Desktop, Tablet or Phone

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Monthly Lives on a Members Only Private Facebook Group with direct access to Chef Alexia.  Get answers from fellow students and other Top Chefs on demand.



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About Me

🏆 CIA trained Chef

🏆 2 x Best Greek Restaurant Miami

🏆 4 Chain Restaurant CEO

🏆 Top Chef Contestant

🏆 Winner of Multiple Cooking competitions

🏆 You Tube Cooking Host

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But don’t take my word for it, see what my students have to say…

"Knife Skills actually gave me more TIME! I am faster and more efficient in the kitchen. I also noticed my food looks and tastes better. Thank you Chef Alexia, now I actually have time to do what I love!"

Melanie Burger

"I learned how to sharpen a Knife y'all! I never realized that dull knives make you work harder. As a student I need my time and effort to go on studying and I'm happy now cooking is a breeze. I also love how Chef Alexia teaches, informative, straight to the point and fun!"

College Student

"As a trainer it is important for me to eat properly. There is many times I am tired but I know that when I cook I get better food. I'm so happy I invested in this class it saved me a lot of time and now I can make Chef Alexia's 7 min recipes in 7 minutes! Thank you."

Physical Trainer

You are 7 days away from an easier life!

This type of virtual training is hard to come by, and there’s no other masterclass that empowers you to be confident in the kitchen in such little time.

To secure your enrollment, use any one of the buttons below.

IMPORTANT: Yes, this is a virtual course. But don’t take this lightly just because it’s online.

This is one of the most comprehensive courses on all aspects of becoming a confident cook. And it only takes 7 days.


You will get:

4 Modules

65+ Detailed Lessons

BONUS 1: 20+ Bonus Ingredients

BONUS 2: Weekly LIVE session

BONUS 3: Access to the Private Facebook Group


Opens October!


You Will get:

7 Modules

28 Lessons & Recipes

BONUS 1:  12 Bonus Basic Recipe Lessons

BONUS 2: Daily LIVE session

BONUS 3: Access to the Private Facebook Group

BONUS 4: 7 day Meal Plan


Opens soon!

7 min meals, MEAL PREP

You will get:

Saturday LIVE with Q & A

2 Hour LIVE Meal Prep Sunday

1 WEEK Daily 7 min meal assembly LIVE

Pure Foods (Low Carb, Gluten/Sugar/Grain Free)

7 Day Meal Plan with Shopping list, Nutritional Facts, Recipes with HD pictures

BONUS 1: Free E-Cookbook with 85+ recipes

BONUS 2:  Access to Private Facebook Group



30 day Money Back Guarantee


And here’s my shamelessly irresistible, better than risk-free guarantee:

If you decide that you’re unhappy with the course you’ve chosen, you’ll get a prompt and courteous 100% refund. No questions asked.

And on top of that you’ll get to keep access to the content of the course! If that doesn’t sound great, I don’t know what does!

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Lifetime Access to all the bonus material and any future upgrades to any of the courses - Forever!  Plus enjoy Special Discounts to each course just as a thank you for being a Member.

With each course you get:

√ Full Access to the curriculum of that course

√ Bonus Lessons

√ PDF Download

√ Lifetime Access to all upgrades.  . 

√ You will also receive discounts on all the new courses coming up. 

√ Access to a Private Facebook Group

If you are a mom, a student, a single professional and you have limited time but you do like to cook for your health and family, This online school is for you.  Do it from the convenience of your home and see results immediately.  Check out all the 7 min recipes I post on You Tube to help you out.

Every course takes one week to complete from beginning to end.  After that you must continue to practice for even better results.  You can always go at your own pace.

So what are you waiting for?

Same Time Next Week you will Finally be In Control of Your Health, Time and Finances!


This E-Cookbook was created as an extension of the popular 7 min meals found on Chef Alexia's YouTube Channel.  There are 85+ Recipes

  • With 7 min cooking or prep
  • Low Carb, Gluten/Sugar/Grain Free
  • Breakfast, Meat, chicken, seafood, veggies, desserts, kid friendly
  • Gain energy with Pure Foods
  • Gain time with easy, quick yet tasty recipes

Stop wondering what to eat, give health to you, and your family without sacrificing taste.  Get access instantly for only $7.99



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